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Australian Bush Flower Essences

 A Boutique wellness organisation for emotional care and well-being.


Winners of the prestigious Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2015 – for their LOVE SYSTEM organic skincare-, ABFE have a vision for consumers to use their essences in an everyday healing system, enabling them to balance their emotional landscape.love_system_groupx10_2015_award

To guarantee they create something truly beautiful & valuable the ABFE team carefully handcraft essences from some of the oldest Native Australian Extracts & Bush Flowers.



Retailers and practitioners successfully recommend and trust their powerful products for over 3 decades, across 40 countries. The Australian Bush Flower Essences are proudly ethical and sustainable and their work provides a full circle of consistent goodness.

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More Information: ABFE represents the essence of caring for you, your customers & the environment

  • Respect for the planet: ABFE are focused on sustainability & organic farming.

  • Respect animal rights: ABFE never support animal testing or cruelty to animals.

  • Respect Humanity: the LOVE SYSTEM is also focused on “profit for purpose” and a % of all purchases goes back to community.



Emotions play a profound role in the way we look and the health of your skin & complexion.

Australian Bush Flower Essences are a boutique wellness organisation handcrafting their unique & powerful formulations in small batches which are exclusively distributed in the UK by the Eterno Naturals team.

Their products are accomplished by real people with special gifts, dedication and a genuine love for what they do, which is to bring genuine value to the wellness journey.

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The LOVE SYSTEM is referred to as a wellness formulation in a skincare bottle!


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