Bellamianta is a new and exciting brand which is based and manufactured in Ireland, the number 1 top seller tanning range.

Providing clean, nutritious, luxury tanning products formulated with the cleanest ingredients without compromising on performance, Bellamianta formulas have built in nourishment, hydration and are extremely fast drying to produce a streak free, beautiful, summer ready tan.

tanningThe ultra-smart hydration system ensures that while the tan dries in 60 seconds, the light formulas are still working to hydrate the skin, ensuring that the tan wears off evenly with none of the dreaded snakeskin effect.

Bellamianta’s signature guide colours combined with the 60-second fast dry system mean that all of their tans are ready to wear and will develop over 2-4 hours with no transfer on clothes. model-vv

The natural ingredients work with the skins’ natural melanin to provide a perfect golden tone which will last up to 7 days.

Bellamianta, through the use of key ingredients, helps to capture, maintain and develop moisture within the skin, ensuring silky, smooth and an even coverage.model-tanning

Aiming to provide the perfect luxury tanning experience every time, Bellamianta products are filled with natural ingredients,  which are intelligently chosen to suit all skin types and ethnicities.



The top 3 reasons why customers love Bellamianta are:

– Consumers want a tanning product that can dry instantly, meaning that after application they can get dressed and not worry about that sticky, awful feeling. That is exactly what Bellamianta does.

– One of the top complaints about regular fake tan is the smell. Bellamianta contains odour neutralising technology not to mention shea butter and aloe vera so it’s actually a pleasant smell on application, and once it’s on, no smell at all!

-Bellamianta wears off totally even.


Their inspiration comes from consumer demand and is combined with 20 years experience in the beauty industry.



Bellamianta creates a truly unique set of products to tan and pamper the skin.


Their high quality extra soft gloves are waterproof and hands aren’t stained during the tanning process.



A number 1 selling brand is never a top seller by coincidence. Bellamianta offers formulas that have built in nourishment, hydration and are extremely fast drying to produce a streak free, beautiful tan. Their customers say:

The products you have produced are seriously amazing. Never orange or blotchy and actually smells really nice. I recommend them to everyone! Thanks again for bringing a product to the market that actually works and does what it says! Karen Henry

This product is absolutely amazing! I must say that it is the best tan I have ever used and trust me, Ive used a lot! Well done on creating such a beautiful even colour and it even smells great! Definitely works!! Millisa Corr


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