Harmony’s Candles

Harmony’s Candles have been handcrafting candles for over 20 years.  They are the first ear candle company to use organic Appachi cotton and double wrap for extended burn time.

Harmony’s Candles are well known for producing the best handcrafted candles in the world because of years of unparalleled research.

“We are your choice for premium candles!  Candling has been passed down through generations of families around the world and they all agree candling is very relaxing and easy!”

Harmony’s Candles are helpful, natural, and sold only in the finest natural health stores. See the difference in the craftsmanship, high-quality candle materials, and superior service.

  • Patented Safety tip
  • Double wrapped for extended burn time
  • Handcrafted
  • Available in four aromas
  • Apache Organic cotton dipped in Beeswax
  • Great Packaging and affordable pricing
Harmony's Candles Refresh Ear Candles

Harmony’s Candles Refresh Ear Candles

Harmony's Candles Relax Ear Candles

Harmony’s Candles Relax Ear Candles

Harmony's Candles Traditional Ear Candles

Harmony’s Candles Traditional Ear Candles

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