Inca Rose

“We dedicate ourselves with passion to research and create skincare and beauty for both men and women by providing natural solutions, effective, practical and safe, designed to slow down the signs of ageing and keep beauty longer. Discover Incarose’s mission!”

Face and neck are true indicators of youth.
For IncaRose it is important to have the right answer to every need both in the field of wrinkle, where unbeatable reigns hyaluronic acid,  both in the field of masks for the face, neck and décolleté: delicate formulas, innovative and tested to adapt to any kind of skin, even the most sensitive.

Ten formulations for ten tretaments in practical single use tissue masks pratiques with 100% Plant Organic extracts.



The line BB Extra Pure Hyaluronic of IncaRose, is enriched with a new solution dedicated to the beauty of the face: BB DROPS, the perfecter multi-active in drops that combines skin care and make-up in one light and natural treatment. Just apply BB Dropsto refine and standardize the facial skin, making it radiant, hydrated, perfect.

The special pigments contained in the BB drops  offer a perfect color rendering, providing smoothness and comfort. Thanks to its formulation, the drop application is more fluid and light, maintaining, at the same time, an excellent hiding power, homogeneous and good seal.

BB Drops mask small imperfections and gives a natural finish to the face, with a matte finish than the cream.

BB DROPS is available in two versions Light to medium-light skin and medium to medium-dark skins.





Inca Rose BB Cream Hyaluronic

Three targeted treatments combining skincare and make-up, to give the complexion a healthy, radiant appearance in just a few seconds.







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