LAFE’S® DEODORANTS, the scientifically proven & most comprehensive Natural and Organic Deodorant Line.

Lafe’s brand is a family celebration. A tribute which embodies and connect us with words such as: truth, respect, co-relation, empowerment, integrity and nature.

“People want products that they can trust to be truly natural, effective and genuinely healthy. That’s why I started Lafe’s.
Words such as authentic, genuine, trustworthy…these are words I want people to think of when they purchase Lafe’s personal care products”. Lafe Larson, Lafe’s CEO & Founder

Lafe’s effective and natural deodorant’s formula stand up to the most active and stressful lifestyle. Been honoured with several awards, including Natural Solutions “Beauty with a Conscience Award” two years in a row, Lafes strives to create natural products that are free of toxins and harmful chemicals, because as they say “what goes ON your body, goes IN your body”.

Lafes new deodorants



  • 100% Natural base ingredients
  • Organic
  • Scientifically proven 24 hr deodorising results.
  • World’s largest manufacturer of certified & organic deodorants.
  • Gluten free
  • Cruelty-free, no animal testing.
  • Rated most effective, made with natural antibacterial agents.
  • Full disclosure labeling, all ingredients are clearly stated.


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