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Nourkrin® the original Hair Growth Supplement

  • 30 years of research in proteoglycan replacement therapy.
  • Scientifically formulated and clinically proven to help maintain a healthy Hair Growth Cycle.
  • Only Hair Growth Supplement to be awarded the GOLD MEDAL by the hair loss experts at The World Trichology Society.
  • 83% of Nourkrin® users enjoyed an improvement to the health of their hair within 12 months.
  • Winner of numerous awards within the Pharmacy and Health Food sector.

FACT – 60% of women will experience some form of hair loss at some stage in their lives.
FACT – 50% of men will experience some level of hair loss by the age of 50 rising to 80% within their life time.

Market leaders in the field of hair growth disorders and hair loss, Nourkrin® products consist of 30 years of proteoglycan research, clinically documented and proven approaches to hair loss.

All products use naturally based, 100% drug-free ingredients which have been tested for efficiency and safety.

Your customers will discover visible results by using Nourkrin® and the unique ingredient Marilex® (extract protein compound of marine origin from fish), which is scientifically formulated to help maintain a normal Hair Growth Cycle.

Marilex® contains high levels of a specific proteoglycan which in precise ratios regulates hair follicle functioning. Marilex has been clinically proven to help induce and prolong the growth phase of the Hair Growth Cycle. By encouraging more hair follicles to re-enter the growth phase, the resting phase is pushed back to normal levels, resulting in a reduction in the levels of shedding; the combination of these two elements induces and promotes continuous, healthy hair growth.

Nourkrin® – an array of first class clinically proven products consisting of a variety of supplements for different needs such as: shampoos & scalp cleanser, conditioner and scalp lotions which help assist with different types of hair loss resulting from Stress, Diabetes, Poor Nutrition, Genetics, Hyperthyroidism, Cholesterol, Medication, Hypertension, Hair Styling, childbirth and many other factors.


Therefore, the goal of any hair loss treatment approach is to NORMALISE and Restore the hair growth cycle.








Brilliant product, noticed a different in a week, my hair is soft, and no longer falling out. The new hair growth is growing very quickly, I’d recommend Nourkrin® to any new mum.
Natasha, London

I was very sceptical about this and didn’t expect it to work at all. I have very fine hair, so couldn’t afford any more loss after the birth of my son. These really do work. Even my hair dresser has noticed a difference. Very good.
Helen, Cambridge

My hair started to thin during my menopause and I became really distressed as I had always had thick, long hair. After using Nourkrin® my hair began to improve quite rapidly and I can now say that I have lovely thick hair again.
Susan, Brighton

I have been using this product for some time now and I definitely notice the difference. I am 60 and my hair looks the same as when I was in my early 40’s :0) I wouldn’t be without it.
Liz, Sunderland

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and met another chemotherapy patient who told me about Nourkrin®.
I had lost all my hair, so as soon as I finished my treatment, I started taking Nourkrin®. It most definitely helped my hair grow back and even fuller than before.
Rose, Derby

To learn more about Hair Loss and Hair Growth Disorders, why not register for the FREE training programme, the Nourkrin® Hair Academy

The Nourkrin® Hair Academy is available to all retailers and their staff wishing to improve their knowledge on the types, causes and solutions for hair thinning and hair loss.
Written by some of the world’s leading experts in hair health, the FREE online course aims to help develop the knowledge to recognise the most common types of hair loss and the many health conditions that can cause them, as well as exploring the solutionsavailable.
This will help to establish your store as the ‘go to’ point for help and advice for those suffering from hair thinning and hair loss.






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