Mr. L. K. Tate, the founder of the original version of Ojamin® Herb & Fruit, was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 44. He chose to study Ayurveda and formulated a homemade tonic that alleviated his symptoms. He then shared his tonic with great success, becoming a bestseller across Asia. Mr. Tate himself lived a full and healthy life until 100.

Today, Ojamin® Herb & Fruit stays true to the original in its efficacy. It is now made in England and refined in Switzerland for purity using RareXtract®, a process that ensures the most potent bio-actives are extracted. Thus, they created the world’s first herb & fruit tonic for daily wellness, that is also suitable for diabetics.

The beneficial effects of Ojamin® Herb & Fruit build up over time with regular use.

Ojamin® Herb & Fruit is recommended to be taken as part of a daily wellness plan. Many of our customers report having felt the fullest beneficial effect after one month of daily use and full potency after three months of use.



A defining moment… 


RareXtract® is a proprietary technique developed by MedTate to extract potent bio-actives from herbs and fruits, yet retaining their natural properties and efficaciousness. Some herbs and fruits are not very palatable in their raw form. The RareXtract® process purifies the herbs and fruits to create a harmonious and palatable mixture.

Ojamin® Herb & Fruit uses RareXtract® technology to refine the product and guarantees that the quality of the carefully selected 14 herbs and fruits is maintained. These refined ingredients are further blended with pure spring water to make a mild tasting and efficacious tonic.


Every ingredient is natural and must pass Ojamin’s dual filter – it is essential that each ingredient has (1) its origins in long-standing traditional ancient healing systems that have existed since antiquity and (2) been validated in multiple scientific studies (see here) in modern times.
Ojamin Herb & Fruit contains a perfectly balanced mixture of herbs for daily health and wellbeing. Ojamin’s effects build up over time with regular use.

Ojamin® Herb & Fruit can be taken in many ways

Take Ojamin® Herb & Fruit first thing in the morning and mid-afternoon as a pick me up. It can be enjoyed in water (1 teaspoon), juice (1 teaspoon), tea (0.5 teaspoon & soup (1 teaspoon).



  • Embrace the opportunity to effectively improve the health and quality of life of all individuals with Diabetes with Ojamin® Herb & Fruit.
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