Get ready to kick aspartame with our 100% Xylitol sweetened aspartame sugar free gum and mints which are also vegan friendly, gluten and dairy free. 

PÜR have been kicking aspartame since 2010 by removing chemical sweeteners and using the highest quality, great-tasting flavors and ingredients. From the very first retailer, PÜR have maintained the philosophy that if they can provide consumers with optimal health and confidence in using their products, they can change peoples perception of gum and mints all around the world.

“Our dream to create an aspartame-free chewing gum and mint began as we heard our family and peers speak of their aversions towards chemicals in their leading gum and mints.”



  • Swiss made
  • Fantastic taste which is longer lasting than other natural brands
  • Only Vegan certified
  • Diabetic friendly, GMO, Gluten and Dairy
  • Naturally Sweet
  • Safe for Pregnant Moms
PUR mint

Each day, they listen and understand the needs of consumers and strive to provide them with great products all over the world. PÜR partnered with their first retailer and knocked door-to-door to share their story and product. With a small and passionate team of people, PÜR have created a fun brand, and set out on a mission to kick aspartame!


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