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Wooden Spoon

So pure, you could eat it!

Inspired by the idea to offer the purest possible and genuine natural care, Wooden Spoon Cosmetics use food-grade organic ingredients in their cosmetic and beauty range.

They combine raw and unprocessed organic butters with precious herbal extracts. Their products don’t only change the overall feeling of the skin, but also effectively help to maintain it healthy, rejuvenated and irresistibly soft.

Wooden Spoon offers a full range of high quality lines, presenting: Body, Face, Lip, Hair, & Baby Care lines, and Sunscreen Protection products.

With a high degree of responsibility towards nature and society, Wooden Spoon presents a zero waste production policy, where unused materials, and by-products, are recycled. The water usage is also kept to a minimum and they support organisations and associations seeking natural solutions to combating various skin problems.

Some of the Pure and Honest cosmetic care range:

Royal Touch, 100 ml –  99% organic | 100% natural

Lavender Dream, 100ml – 99% organic | 100% natural

Rose Pampering , 100ml –  99% organic | 100% natural

Busy Beeswax, 100 ml –  99% organic | 100% natural

Troubled Skin Serum (with Tamanu and Marula oil), 30ml –  99% organic | 100% natural

Hair growth serum (with precious oils and chili), 30ml    |   Arnica & Menthol, 100ml       |      Anti-Age Elixir from Nature, 30ml       |     Anti-Cellulite Blend (with precious oils and chili), 100ml       |    100% Pure Argan Oil, 30ml / 100ml      |     and more…. !



Wooden Spoon pure and honest products contain absolutely NO:

  • preservatives;
  • parabens;
  • petroleum products;
  • silicone;
  • colorants;
  • synthetic or mineral ingredients.

…they even don’t use water for dilution.


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