New  Attitude super leaves Anti-Pollution formula for daily balance, well-being and vitality.

Welcome to Super Leaves, Attitude newest line of products to beautify skin and hair, using only the most natural and effective ingredients.

Super Leaves uses the intelligence of nature combined with state-of-the-art-technology to deliver a product line providing the best that nature has to offer.

Every day, we’re exposed to environmental pollutants and, due to a process is known as “oxidative stress,” pollution can lead to premature ageing of the skin and hair.  It can also clog skin pores and speed up the appearance of the signs of ageing.

Super leaves provide products that contain extracts from the Moringa seed, known as the Miracle Tree. The active ingredient encapsulates these extracts and limits the adhesion of pollutant particles, thereby reducing their level of penetration whilst providing cleansing and purifying powers, helping to decrease the adhesion of pollutants to detoxify hair, scalp and skin by adding an antipollution active.

The range extracted active ingredients come from a variety of leaves, rich in minerals, vitamins and growth factors, providing a remarkable ability to give glowing skin and strong lustrous hair.


Watercress and Indian cress the combination of two very special leaves – For strong hair, from root to end.  Known for their regenerative abilities, the combination of these two sulphur- and mineral-rich “super leaves” are essential for the production and structural support of keratin, a protein that is naturally present in hair.



Additional leaves from the Super Leaves range, which bring their benefits to you every day include:            


Super Leaves have the remarkable ability to give glowing skin and lustrous hair. Added to Attitudes natural formulas, these exceptional ingredients help to effectively regenerate, strengthen, stimulate and protect all skin and hair types. Put the power of leaves to work to make you glow, from head to toe!

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