Innovation, sustainability, respect, high quality and, of course, their exquisite healthy focus to resume Royal Green’s latest product.

The combination of Royal Green’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil with Ghee is a match made in heaven.

Royal Green use 75% cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil of the highest quality with 25% certified organic Ghee sourced from Dutch cows giving the product a wonderfully rich buttery flavour.

 The coconut oil is cold-pressed within 24 hours after harvest in order to keep all its nutrients without transforming its oil, all the more, aromas are preserved and the oil keeps all of its fine coconut flavour.


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Royal Green are proud that their ingredients are 100% certified organic and sustainably grown. Unfortunately, if something is grown organically, it does not necessarily mean it is always an ingredient free of impurities. That is why Royal Green take extra measure to make sure that no contaminated ingredients end up in their products! All of Royal Green’s ingredients undergo extensive quality control conducting tests for pesticides, heavy metals, mould, bacteria and much more, to guarantee the purest quality.

Royal Green’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil with Ghee is Ideal cooking oil for baking, roasting, stir-frying and deep frying. A replacement of olive oil, butter or margarine and delicious added to gravy it gives a rich buttery flavour.


Did you know?

Ghee is a clarified butter that has been used for centuries in India and is an important ingredient in Ayurvedic cooking, whereby the primary goals are to create foods for health healing and harmony.                                                           

 Ghee is not likely to affect people with a dairy intolerance as Ghee contains little to no lactose, making it a suitable product for those who are sensitive to lactose.   Enjoy life and stay healthy with Royal Green!