Eterno Naturals started with a good night’s kip. Over a decade ago, Nigel Barton, the company’s Managing Director, came across a foot patch designed to aid detoxification and facilitate a sound sleep.  After waking up alert and revitalized, he realised he had a great product in his hands. It was simple, it was natural and it provided an effective solution to a common problem. Bodytox Foot Patches were born.

So it was as easy as 1, 2, 3, in placing them in stores and flying off the shelves, right?… You ‘d think.

But the process was fraught with undue frustrations. A great product requires a great business model in order to realise it’s potential. Poor performing third party contract sales teams, over-promising, under-delivering distributors and expensive, under performing sales people hampered sales growth. Nigel pursued other business ventures and left Bodytox to continue ticking over in the background. Where businesses were collapsing left, right and centre after 2008, the natural health and beauty industry continued to grow.

One of Nigel’s business ventures had proven to be a huge success in just two years. The decision was made to sell it, and plough the proceeds into launching Eterno Naturals Ltd.

From the outset, Eterno Naturals was to adopt a more hands-on approach to growing the brands they distributed. Brand owners wouldn’t have to struggle with the inadequacies of inexperienced sales teams and insufficient support that Nigel had battled against when launching his own product.

Each brand it represents would be provided with tailored brand building and distribution solutions. For Retailers, we don’t sell blindly. We consult with them to understand their needs. We identify and focus our efforts to provide them with the right product choice to suit their customers. We support them with the right training, education and promotion to drive sales of our products from the shelves.

Our approach seems to be working. Where other distributors have failed to grow brands, we have succeeded. In three years, we have achieved year on year growth, this year surpassing revenue sales in excess of £1m with forecast sales for next year in excess of £1.7 million. Our product placement network is continually growing. We now supply to leading independents and multiples like Tesco, Holland and Barrett, Harrods, Whole Foods, Selfridges, and Lloyds pharmacy stores.

Like producing a dish that people will be happy to pay money for, success depends on more than using the right ingredients in the right quantities. There has to be a degree of love and care put into the process and presentation. If you don’t believe in a product, how do you expect anyone else to? We believe it is everyone’s responsibility, from the brand owner to the distributor to the retailer, to believe in and care about the product in order to nurture its success.

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